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jueves, 2 de febrero de 2017

Khinkali, "mate" and Georgian numbers.

Khinkali (Georgian: ხინკალი) is a very popular Georgian dumpling made of twisted knobs of dough, stuffed with meat and spices. It is considered to be one of the national dishes of Georgia.

We made khinkali at home!! Mom thought it sounds tasty when I told her what khinkali is. "Of course, mom, we must try them... Our version, but khinkali after all" (laughs).

I found too many recipes, basically you should use some meat. Well the norm here is using cow meat (simply "meat"). Although I prefer chicken over cow, we used cow. Because we didn't knew how this was going to result. We suposed it taste similar to the thypical "empanada" (pictures) we prepare here in Argentina. But khinkali must be boiled! Empanadas goes to oven or you frie them... That's the first diference.
The filling. Khinkali use special ingredients, things you find in Saqartvelo (Georgia in Georgian language). Well we solved that to easyly. We made the current filling we use to consume at home. So yes, this was kinda an expirement. And it went satisfactory as hey!!

So let's say we adopted the shape and technique to cook our own version of khinkali, adapting the original recipe to the ingredients we can get here, If you want to make traditional/classic khinkali, you can visit the link I dropped at begining, or search for "khinkali recipes" in Google or Youtube.
Have you ever made khinkali out of Saqartvelo?? Are you Georgian and have particular tips you'd like to share?? Please let us know!

We used the dough for empanadas too, so here you see some pics of the backstage and those circles pre-made by someone else. We only had to put everything together and those are our lovely khinkali ♡
Khinkali before going to boiled water

It's raining khinkali!! (I wish) and that metal thing is a mate. We was drinking mate while making these tasty things

How many khinkali you want to eat?? Say it in Georgian!! It's very easy if you pay attention to this great tutorial on YouTube:

Once you made ასი khinkali, you throw them one by one into boiled water. It's about a couple of minutes to notice they change their color and they're ready.

Put them into a nice plate and add some sauce or salad. Depends on your preference. Eating them is an Art. Really. You must pick a khinkali up by the little "arm" they have, and bite the globe part. Be careful, because is hot inside and very juicy (nommm)... Or you can use a fork and knife ;)
It is suposed to left khinkali's "arm" on plate. And yes, we ate them anyways and it tastes good.

So at this point I just want to recomend everybody to try khinkali and be creative or classic as you prefer. You'll enjoy at making them and I'm sure once you try them, you'll love them ;)

Thanks for being there! Bye bye!

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