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martes, 31 de enero de 2017

Meeting of Cacti Collectors: "Cactuseros" from Argentina with love... And exacerbated passion, I swear!

In several cities and towns here in Argentina, lots of people are fascinated with these creatures, these slow-growing and thorned creatures: cacti. They love them because they are simply beautiful, they come in every shape and color, they demand a lot of patience, but then they reward with most beautiful flowers, shapes, colors, etc. The wait is whort it.

I became a fan of cacti and succulent when I was around 12. I wasn't good with plants untill then. But everything changed when i visited Araki's nursery, in Misiones. Don't miss it!! If you're planning to stay long in Argentina, going to Araki's nursery is a definitive must. Here is the exactly address

My new three friends were ball-shaped cacti. I named them Berta, Amenito and Doris. Amenito and Doris are still with me. Berta died because she was ill (never knew what happened to her). Berta was a ball with a little ball on top, like an unproportional snowman. Light green, yellow thorns 💗


This was at "Plaza las Carretas", Muñiz - Buenos Aires. People start to arrive, and choose the best spot near the fountain. I went many times, and is an amazing experience. You may participate in every activities of the program, or just pass by and stay to appreciate the plants and take thousands of photos. My favourite place is on floor, near the orange building (a school). It's clear and you can jump into the multitude or go out and see all the panorama.

People gathered next to the fountain (train side)

The common thing is each person, or "cactusero" (someone who is adept to cacti), brings a box with every kind of cacti, succulents and other types of plants. Each one can add some gift, ornament, flower-pot, soil, or whatever related to the event. You choose your spot, sit and exhibit what you have to offer. Then people start to observe what did other cactuseros brought and is that moment when the good thing beggins.
When you see something you love, you must ask the owner if the plant is free to exchange (sometimes they are previously reserved for someone else). If the answer is "yes", then you proceed to offer. You must negociate. In a lucky day, the owner accept to exchange for something you offer and done deal. But sometimes they refuse. At this point, the best you can do is NOT to ask why, but negociate. If the plant is not reserved, ask the owner what is looking for. Then you exchange something with other person, and come back bringing what owner wanted. And you will come back home with your new adorable plant (or whatever you chose).

Negociation. Everyone is looking for their new loved plant

Adrenalin flows in your arteries, your eyes are wide open and your plant-species sensor is more active than never. I love these meetings. You can find every kind of person there. We all share the same pasion: PLANTS. And why not, negociation!!
Well that's the funniest thing to me, but I have to recognize in a separate paragraph to those people who teach everything about the plants. They are so generous, sincere and pacient. If you find one of them, take away all doubt. And give them a segment or cutting from one of your plants in gratitude ;)

Then you will find the "experts". They have names-lists, separated boxes (reserved and non), and a special semblant that betrays them from a mile away. If you fall in love with one of their reserved ones, don't loose faith. You may find it later in someone else's box. And earn it!!

Succulent leafs
Opuntia with red baby thorns
Flowers from a succulent with fountain as backround

Cacti flower

When the meeting it's nearing its end, it's raffle time!! If you want to participate, you must bring something plant-related at beggining. And at this moment, you wait to your surprise.
You can see some sellings at the end of each events. The basis of these events is to allow everyone to go back home with a new loved plant, so sellings are forbidden during the event. Everyone has the same opportunity to bring what they have at home and negociate on other parameters like personal taste or affinity, etc. Never prices during the event. You can be also morally punished if catched by organizators!! So if you want to buy/sell something, you should wait till the end.

Women showing their new adquisitions at the event

Find Cactuseros events in Facebook to join the party!! There are many groups:
  • Cactuseros de Argentina
  • Cactuseros de Jose C Paz
  • Plantas intercambios y venta
  • ... Just write "cactuseros" in search box. It's magic ;)

Thanks for being there and GOOD LUCK!! Hope you can live this experience some day ♡

Take care and be happy ☺

A group of Cactuseros coming back home after the event

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